Classroom Management

We’ll use this page for our discussions about classroom management.

Here is what our ideal classroom looks like (I love technology!): our-ideal-classroom

Here is the Determining-Classroom-Procedures-before-School-Starts. Thanks for sharing Meg Deising!

Here is an article for ideas about  What-if-I-finish-early.

Here are supplementary readings from Marzano: Ch.2Ch.3, Ch.6

Management Plans (first drafts):

Examples of “good” classroom management:

Examples of “poor” classroom management:

Here are the tasks for our Classroom Management module this week:

Due by 12/4:

  1. Read Saphier Chs. 3-8 and write salient ideas from those chapters.
  2. Access and read the additional resources on this page. They will help guide you in making quality management plans. The first drafts are particularly useful and can provide good ideas. Please feel free to post any additional resources you encountered that you found useful.
  3. Create a first draft of your management plan (MAKE). Be sure to attend to the ideas in Saphier as necessary.

Due by 12/5:

  1. Print one copy of your management plan and bring to class on 12/5.
  2. We will partner up and critique (BREAK) each others’ management plans.
  3. I will collect them at the end of class.
  4. We will wrap-up the class. The end is here! 🙂

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