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Hi Folks:  Welcome to the class web site. All of our communication and resources will be posted here. It will be our class blog where I will post resources and updates as we move along in the course

Tasks to complete before our next class Sept 27th

Read chapters 1-5 of The Emotional Life of Your Brain: How its Unique Patterns Affect the Way You Think, Feel, and Live-And How You can Change Them,

Assessment 1: Gratitude Letter. Due Sept 19 11:59 P.M.


For this assessment I want you to write a letter of gratitude to you someone who has helped you or has been an important person in your life and whom you haven’t properly thanked and send it to them. In addition, I’d like you to write a response describing how writing and sending the letter impacted you.

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Your response thoughtfully describes how the experience impacted you.
  2. Your response is a minimum  300 words or more.

As stated in the course syllabus, I will evaluate all assessments as either Not Met, Met, or as Exceeding the criteria. The grading scale is on the syllabus.


Please submit your response via the comment link below this post. I will use the comment feature as a messaging system between us. I won’t make your response public on the blog. It’s not necessary to send me the letter. I’m interested in you having this experience.

If you have any questions about the assessment, please send me a message via the comment box below.

Assessment 2: Building Background and Factual Knowledge Due Sept 23rd  11:59 P.M.


For this assessment I want you to create 10 analogies using ten terms, concepts, or ideas you select from chapters 1-5 of The Emotional Life of Your Brain.  Analogies help us connect new information to current understandings. You will be connecting a new term, concept, or idea to one you already understand. Creating an analogy is often an initial step toward understanding.

Example: A creek is like a river because…

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Your 10 analogies are written in language that makes it clear what you are comparing.
  2. Your explanation after “because” is 1-4 sentences long and clearly explains the reasons you are making the analogy.
  3. The reasons accurately reflect the relationship between the new idea and the old idea.

As stated in the course syllabus, I will evaluate all assessments as either Not Met, Met, or as Exceeding the criteria. The grading scale on the syllabus.


I recommend that you begin all writing work in Google Docs Google Docs even if the final output is for a web site. This will give you a working space that is visually easier to write in and a stable space to save working drafts. Even if you have a personal Gmail account,  I’d like you to use your Pacific Google Apps which are called Boxerapps. You can access them directly from your email or from this link. This page also has links to tutorials for using Google Apps. If you have any technical questions you can use the tutorials, search YouTube, or work with Jesse in the lab. He is available 9-5 M-F.

To submit your assessment use the Share button to share it with me at my email address:

Assessment 2 (a) In addition to creating the 10 analogies, I’d like you to select three passages from the reading that stood out for some reason. It could be one sentence that surprised you, a few that opened up a new understanding, or some that made you think differently about something. Below the 10 analogies, write the out the three or more passages and follow each one with a paragraph explaining why it stood out.  You will need to have have access to this Google Doc during class on September 27th. In addition, remember to bring your book to class.


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